t Something Blue, we like to keep things simple and streamlined. We offer just one package for our couples, giving you the full planning experience and the benefit of Emma’s expertise from the very beginning of your wedding planning journey.

Our Full Planning service brings a balance between creative and logistical support. This is a collaborative process, not a takeover. Together we’ll curate and polish your vision for the day, then it’s up to Emma and the team to bring it blossoming into life. See below to find out more about our Full Planning service and what it could offer you.



"She took care of everything! Emma is definitely the best investment of the wedding, everyone who came was wowed by everything, making our special day ever so memorable!" -ne-et & rob

"Emma was a real life-saver. She's super organised and was always coming up with good ideas that built on our vision for the big day. " -SOPHIE & OLI

"All my friends keep asking me how we could manage to have planned such an amazing and perfect party and I keep telling them, it was all because of Emma!" - Eduardo & Clareana



Something Blue Weddings are experts in atmosphere. Your wedding is so much more than the sum of its parts, and creating a cohesive, meaningful and finessed ambience for you and your guests requires time and careful planning, right from the start. This is why we only offer Full Planning – we’re with you for the journey, not just for the destination.

We start with a consultation to get to know each other, and to find out the dreams you have for your wedding. It might be that you have specific ideas about the look of each element, or merely an overarching idea of how you want your guests to feel on the day. We will work together to bring these ideas into focus, before starting the planning in earnest. At every stage, the final decisions are yours, but we will handle the time-consuming legwork and logistics that lead up to them.

Emma will be your dedicated planner throughout, providing guidance and ideas every step of the way, and keeping everything on schedule and in line with the overall vision. We promise that you’ll be able to walk into your wedding feeling relaxed and excited, looking forward to experiencing your own little piece of magic that we’ve created together. 

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