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The term ‘luxury’ means different things to different people, so how can a luxury wedding be defined? Not necessarily the money you have available to spend on your wedding, luxury weddings very much depend on how you use the budget you have and the attention to detail that goes into the planning and execution. Here are a few key elements that define a luxury wedding…

Attention to Detail

The first and most important aspect of a luxury wedding is the attention to detail. While the idea of ‘luxury’ might sound like a term specifically used for weddings with large budgets, luxury can in fact be achieved on a more modest budget. It’s all about the time, effort and care that goes into sourcing all of the smaller details that makes a wedding truly unique.

From beautiful vintage linen, tall gold candelabra and perfectly polished dinnerware, to large draped foliage garlands, perfectly pure roses and crystal cut champagne glasses, each small detail adds up to create the look and feel of luxury.

Lavish Floral Decorations

Nothing looks more luxurious than a large volume of florals and foliage. If you don’t have a huge budget, spend a little more on flowers and try to pull back elsewhere, to create that luxury appeal. Choosing the right luxury florist is key, and negotiating a great deal will also help you create the look you want without having to overspend.

Invest in beautiful garlands and blooms to decorate your venue, table tops and of course for your bouquets. If you want to take the look one step further, try to source additional foliage, such as ivy yourself from local woodland and countryside. With a little extra time and energy, you can create your own garlands and hangings to take the luxury look one step further.

Knowing Where to Spend

Having a good understanding of where to spend the budget that you have available and where to pull back goes a long way towards creating the ultimate luxury wedding. As a luxury wedding planner, it’s my job to manage your budget efficiently, while achieving the look and feel you desire. Having built relationships with luxury wedding suppliers over many years, I’m able to get the best prices, and the best the industry has to offer, to make your day special and unique.

If you would like to create a luxury feel for your wedding day, I can help you understand how to achieve this, and where to spend your budget. Click here to find out more about how I can help you create your luxury wedding day.


Photos Amy O’Boyle


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