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The food and drink you serve at your wedding plays a huge role and goes a long way towards influencing the overall look and feel of your day. While the focus should be on taste and providing your guests with something nourishing and satisfying, the look of your food and how you serve it are also important factors to create a luxury wedding day.

Perfectly balancing aesthetics with taste is key, with everything you serve not just tasting amazing, but looking great too and perfectly fitting with your wedding scheme…

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Choose Local

When it comes to choosing your caterer you can’t go far wrong in choosing someone that focuses on sourcing and working with local produce. Greatly influencing both the look and taste of the food you serve, in choosing locally sourced produce the quality will really stand out. In addition, locally sourced food will be seasonal and fresh, perfectly complimenting your wedding day and the time of year that you choose to get married.

Be Creative

We eat with our eyes, and so presentation really matters and will have a huge impact on how your guests feel about the food that you serve. In addition, when creating a luxury wedding, attention to detail is everything, so putting that extra effort into choosing a caterer that can create stunning plates and platters is key.

Think beyond the everyday when it comes to presenting and displaying your wedding feast. From the canapes and the wedding breakfast, to your evening pick-me-up, considering how to create food that tastes amazing and looks beautiful too is essential at every stage of the day.

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For your canapes, consider a colour palette that perfectly compliments your wedding decor. Pile cheeses, figs, grapes and freshly baked bread up in a rustic style, scatter with nuts and sprigs of rosemary. Deserts can be kept small and colourful, with plates dressed with edible flowers. For your evening pick-me-up, consider a playful and rustic food truck, where guests can help themselves to carb-rich snacks to keep them going.


When it comes to drinks, include local honey or rhubarb in cocktails, source local gins and beers, and don’t forget the garnishes, such as a sprig of rosemary, local strawberries or flowers.

When choosing catering for your luxury wedding think about what will complement your scheme and your venue, while adding the theatre of your day. At Something Blue, I have close connections with a variety of luxury wedding caterers, and can help you create the perfect drinking and dining experience specifically for your unique day.

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